Chess: I have now being playing on and off for more than I’m willing to admit. I currently play for the Hackney Chess club. Despite my rating, I might one day become a master.

Football (soccer): With my friend Ricardo I have written some predictions for the european champions league and the portuguese championship for a portuguese newspaper. You can access the interative tables here and here. Some of the data and code is available from my github.

Runner: I’m not a runner…but I do run sometimes. The highlights of my career:

  • Marathons (3): Berlin 2012, Paris 2013, Madrid 2017
  • Half-Marathons (7): Ealing (2015, 2016), Hackney (2014, 2015), Lisbon (2010, 2011), Run to the beat (London, 2012).

Strava addict (Cycling & Running): Last year I had 256 active days, covering 4000km (mostly commuting). I’m on my way to smash that record in 2017!

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